Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They: Ep 1

Hi Everybody, I’m Flickmunchkin your resident Anime expert. . .Okay, so not expert but I’m close. I’ll be doing episode reviews for two different series alternating between the two, I’ll try to get one out every week, but it could vary.

Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They: Episode 1 definitely had me intrigued. The premise of it was these three unordinary teenagers receive a letter sending them to another world known as the Little Garden, where blessed humans frolic and tables drop from the sky, unordinary people with Gifts come together there. The world, I think could best be described as a island in the clouds as one of the shots shows a waterfall into clouds, gee I wonder.

The people that are brought into the world are ones who are not quite human, their “Gifts” are powers that they have and with those Gifts they play the Gift Games, where you use your gifts to defeat your opponent, you can bet on your game as well using chips, Gifts, or even people; which makes it somewhat of a casino in areas.

The three teenagers; Izayoi Sakamki, Asuka Kudo, and Yo Kasukabe,  are the main characters along with Black Rabbit, a sort of servant created at the same time as Little Garden. In the Little Garden there are Communities, everyone must be a part of one, as it would be difficult for the person to survive if on their own, when Black Rabbit is introduced she is trying to induct the three teenagers into her community. As soon as the three hear about the games the immediately want to play, from what I observe they don’t hide their gifts in our world but they don’t pronounce them either, well Sakamki might but that’s another thing.

As far as we know most things in the Little Garden is happy-go-lucky, but there is a dark underlying clause of coming to the Little Garden that Black Rabbit hasn’t told the three.

The episode was a bit difficult to catch on to at first, and things moved very fast so I had to check it a couple times to get everything clear as mud. I actually had to watch it two times to get the facts straight in my head. I’d be careful and watch slowly when you watch the first episode.

So far I can see what is to be a action-packed Anime, dressed with hilarity and interesting characters, this will be a fun ride, stick it out.

So, what did you think of the review? Did you agree or disagree with my analysis? What parts stuck out to you? Let me know all about it on facebook or in the comments below. Thanks and as always, May the Flick be with You!






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