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My name is Ben Badger. I’m your host and I love movies. Who doesn’t? Even the most jaded or unimaginative person can tell you a movie that they like. Movies tell us stories that are both engaging and often imaginative and give us perspective on our daily lives in ways we may not even realize. In addition they also provide an experience that is difficult to find these days. In a theater you can hear people laugh at jokes, hear them cry in sad moments, hear them gasp in fright when something jumps off the screen. That experience is one of the things I love most about movies as a medium of entertainment.
After coming out of the theater for Star Wars VII, I had a million different thoughts and questions buzzing around in my head about the movie. Thinking how that reminded me of other times I’d come out of the theater with my head buzzing, I decided to share my passion for the movies and the storytelling, technical work, and business which go into their creation. Some do it better than others. But if you look at any film project, even the bad ones, there is always an artist somewhere in there, who did their best to bring you whatever show you’re watching and they deserve credit for that.
The purpose of this blog is to present my own perspective on some of the newest, most popular movies to hit theaters, and to promote conversation on what makes these movies good or bad. In addition the blog will present reviews on older movies that were released before the year 2000.
I’m really excited to see what you all think of this blog and I look forward to hearing what you think about today’s movies. What makes a movie good to you?
You can get in touch with me using the info on the Contact Page or on Facebook or Twitter @LightWielder524!
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