Problem Children: Episode 2

Hi Everyone, It’s Flickmunchkin back with the next episode review of Problem Children Coming from Another World.

This episode was definitely informative. It seemed to be more of Kasukabe’s episode, which I was glad for because I didn’t get to hear much at all from her in the 1st episodes, but before we get to her Black Rabbit has some explaining to do. In this episode Sakamki confronts Black Rabbit about why she really wants the three of them, Sakamki, Asuka, and Kasukabe that is, turns out some Communities need some help, which is why Black Rabbit wanted to get to the three first.

Back to Kasukabe, she definitely asserts herself when a character called Galdo Gasper tries to cat fish her and Kudo into his community, then she proved to herself and others that she is stronger then she looks, I can not wait to see how much more we get to know about her..

There is a scene that I absolutely love in this episode, it gives me chills, is the scene where Kasukabe is flying on the Griffin, the art is just amazing and the transitions between present time and flashbacks are great.

I’m afraid there isn’t so much to analyze as there is to relay. The series is just evolving at a good pace for the observer and bringing more magic to each episode, powers and motives are slowly being told, and the characters are on journey to which they seem to be completely fine with(falling into a random world that is).

So, what did you think of the review? Did you agree or disagree with my analysis? What parts stuck out to you? Let me know all about it on facebook or in the comments below. Thanks and as always, May the Flick be with You!

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